Valuable Links

A History of grape production in Iowa.
Grape Expectations
From Iowa State University Leopold Center

Great New Links

VinXchange This appears to be a hub for information and resources for growers and vintners alike.  I found a great grape plant supplier here with tons of stock.  Check this one out for

Southwest Missouri State University
Viticulture Links
Mountain Grove Campus
Grape and Wine Center

St. Francois Vineyard
Meeting your planting needs with quality
plants, rootings and cuttings.
Ed Daugherty
1669 Pine Ridge Trail
Park Hills, MO 63601
ph/fax (573) 431-4294
Email: [email protected]

Post Familie Vineyard Nursery.  Non rooted plant cuttings and rooted plants.  Equipment and supplies.

Plant Forum Looks like a bulletin board source for plants and related supplies.

Horticulture and Home Pest News.  Looks like a great place to learn what works in Iowa.  From Iowa State University.

Home Fruit Production: Grape Culture  This contains a great table of grape cultivars.  And high lights the many uses of different varieties.

Grapes: Cultivars, Training and Pruning
Planting and caring for grapes both are covered here.
Out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Horticulture and Home Pest News
Planting Grapes and related information. Iowa State.

Treeessentials Grow tubes.  Good source for other things too.  1-800-634-2843 Viticulture Information. Grapes & Grape Vines  This link has so much good information for obtaining grape stock for table and wine, trellises, fertilizers.  I would rate this one a must visit!!  Book mark it, you may want to return here.

If You Put It In A Bottle  This may be of interest to you.

Grow Tube Information    Wagner Lock Tab Grow Tubes Lowest cost per acre than others.  Grow to the wire in 1 year.  Eillen Wagner (281) 367-6151 Fax (281) 367-6177  Ask for Iowa Grape Growers price of .36 each includes shipping.

Plant and Tube stakes    Bulk #N615- 6′ x 5\8″ bamboo stakes are available at Ultra Pro.  (800) 359-8665
Other sizes available.

Lon J. Rombough  Great place to find and order cuttings and plants.  Large quantity of choices.
E-mail [email protected]

Wine Country Classifieds
This is a great classified paper for the industry. It sells vineyards, barrels, used barrels, bulk juice, bulk wines, ferment equipment, crush equipment ,etc. I believe the price is $15.  (800)995-9463

Harden County Iowa News – Thanks to Cheryl Dieter.
Hardin County Grape Growers News and Information

Planet Of The Grapes
Offers a little bit of everything from chat to a mall.

E-Group Grape Chat and
This a great place to post and read grape growing messages and information.  It is necessary to subscribe and unsubscribe from this page.  I have used it.

Grape Seek
This is a great search engine and web site to start looking from.

Grape Chat
Another great chat area that is moderated on a schedule. Hosted by Grape Gurus.

Grape Pictures
Good research tool to identify what particular grapes and vines look like.

Mississippi Valley Grape Growers Association MVGGA
Contact Dave Cushman at work phone: (563)583-0632 ext 216
Email:  [email protected]

Maryland Grape Growers
Great reference, but understand it’s for Maryland.