Learn About The Iowa Grape Growers Association

Do you know your wines? The Grape Growers Association can show you around virtually, giving you a look at all of the vineyards and wineries. If you look up the organization, you are privy to sites on a state by state level. While a South Carolinian now, my last stop was Iowa, and so when Iowa popped up in the results, it made me think about how many wineries might be in that big state.

Considering the climate and landscape of Iowa, you might not expect many wineries. However, you might be surprised as again, Iowa is quite large, and there is the Hill country and outlying cities by the bay area. I’m not calling out locations of vineyards, but having lived in Iowa before, that would be my best guess. Imagine all of the locations that would pop up if you looked up the Grape Growers Association in California. Is it time to visit Napa Valley or at least order some wine from there?

Wine seems to be everywhere nowadays. Folks we know went to North Myrtle Beach recently, on a short trip, to get some wine. There is wine everywhere folks, so you don’t have to worry about going to the supermarket or liquor store to pick up wine. You can join a wine club if you want, too, and make it easy to keep the good wine around. Of course, diversity is everything, or is it?

Maybe you just want to search out local wineries and see how close they are. You can tour them and get familiar with their selections. If you like them, then those are the wines that you can go with. That is essentially what my friends did because they went to North Myrtle as mentioned, and then the next trip they have planned is Charleston, which isn’t far away at all. They used to order wines from Napa Valley when they lived in Texas, but now they enjoy wine from places along the east coast.

Where do you live? One thing for sure is that when you look up the Grape Growers Association for your state, you will be able to quickly find wineries and vineyards near you, the closest ones. Do you live in a state that makes you think no wineries could possibly be around? You will be surprised at all the information you find out from the Grape Growers Association. You will find out about local wine events in your region and so much more.

This year’s association festival was once again a big hit. Special thanks to Bakery Technology Enterprises for their help with setting up machinery for the annual Iowa Grape Growers Association festival.

Here’s some trivia about grape growing: Which state had the first North American winery? Are you familiar with the answer? It wasn’t Iowa. I sure wasn’t, as it was none other than Texas. What will you find out about your state, and what wines will the Grape Growers Association guide you to? It is wine tasting time folks, and it is time to put a little more into it than buying whatever the big name stores want to stock the shelves with each week.

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